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Creating Jobs in Ultra Poverty & Hiring Challenged / Disabled Individual (over 70% of team composition) – We are a social business!

Founder behind is a 15 years experience SEO Strategist, with over 100+ clients served in 17 countries, Public Speaker, TED Talk, Guiness World Record Holder – Sounds decent 🙂 ?

Cost of package starts from $799 (for solo entrepreneur) $1500 (small business 1-10 employees) up to $3000 (for mid size businesses having regional presence) For corporates / aggressive startups contact for special pricing.

Our team

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of small businesses use social media to attract new customers, but 85% of business owners aren't sure what social mediatools to use. ... When done effectively, social media marketing can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more engagement


Organic Long- Term SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” ... All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. ... Search engines want to provide the best service for their users


Advanced Analytics

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data; and the process of applying those patterns towards effective decision making. In other words, analytics can be understood as the connective tissue between data and effective decision making, within an organization.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page exposure on major search engines.

Our campaign strategies are designed to meet the needs of our clients and their market condition. We provide up-to-date, Pay Per Click services that include: Paid Search Ads, Video Advertising, Display Ads, PPC Remarketing and Social Advertising.



Local Search Strategy

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale.

Maps Search Optimization

Google Maps Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy.

Link Building & Content

Link building is and will continue to be a tremendously important component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Paid Search Advertising

Paid listings on Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter can help you reach new customers.

Custom Website Design

Our team specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce.

Custom Email Design

Custom email templates that speak to your customers and resonate with your brand.


Our Expert SEO Consultants Will Help You Rank Organically for High Volume Competition

Let Farid Premani & his Crew help?

Now with expanded outreach serving clients in US & Canada, we are serving diverse individual sole proprietor businesses & startups to small and medium-sized clients delivering cost-effective three packages with hassle-free biweekly digital marketing at prices just unbeatable. To name a few we have served renown clients from groups like World Bank Group, Germany Frankfurt University, Pre-Owned BMW & Mercedes dealer brands, Space Center RV Park, Hotel Inns, Book apartments in London, Texas School of Continuing Education, Soothing Box like brands and now serving small businesses niche as our paradigm shifted towards social business creating massive employment training and hiring people from low-income belt, disabled and autistic individuals – Education SEO, Automotive SEO, and Dental SEO clients are specialty we have Austin SEO Offices, Dallas SEO Offices, Houston SEO Offices up to Toronto and Global outreach.

Listen to Farid's TED Talk, Guinness World Record Video, Happy Clients Testimonials and Many more

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How to use Free Website Submission Services

After you have created your site the following normal advance is to begin advancing it.…

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Emphasis on Local and Mobile SEO Consultant

Local SEO is not easier as we use it to ensure your website reaches the top three Google maps listings. With thousands of companies vying for this spot in their respective niches, it’s only the knowledge and experience of an experienced SEO specialist like us that makes this possible. And with an increasing number of people doing their research while on the move through their mobile phones, you should hire an SEO company Toronto that focuses on mobile first methodology too. Internet users use sites like Google, Yahoo and BING everyday to find information about whatever they are looking for. The right SEO keeps you happy as your site is on the first few pages of search engine results, which in turn keeps users happy as they can quickly find whatever they are looking for in the first few pages. This is why we create SEO campaigns satisfying Google’s complex algorithms which are determined by over 200 ranking factors.

Common Q&A pointers our clients/students ask!

Why do you need an SEO Agency or consultant?

Did you know that the number of daily searches on Google Search reaches 4,000,000,000 (in letters: four trillion, yes that is right) and that only the top 5 results receive 65% of clicks? In addition to those top 5 search results, there are paid advertisements. 80% of users avoid that search segment, 75% of users go no further than the other search page. Imagine exposing your business, to a fair that has only one entrance, and you are where ¾ of visitors will never, or almost never, come. Would you change the place, your position at that fair? Now you know how important your position is as a result of searches on terms that are relevant to you and your business. Now you know why SEO is of such a huge importance.

Let’s start with the definition of digital marketing. People often think that digital marketing or SEO in Houston is just about promoting, selling and advertising on the internet. Yes, it’s true, and a Houston SEO consultant will tell you that that’s just one part of digital marketing. Digital or internet marketing (SEO) is the same as traditional marketing only in a different medium. Marketing is about creating and meeting the needs of the market and meeting them, in this case on the internet. Unlike traditional, digital marketing is a set of different activities that aim to build identity on the internet and position itself in the digital world. Why would identity be built on the internet or online? Quite simply, today people “live” on the Internet. It’s easier to promote a product or service online with the help of SEO. That’s where the magic happens!

Why do you need to be online present

A consultant in Houston would say, be where your target group is. Your target group is safe on the internet, you just have to find it and tell them “We exist!”. Building your brand on the internet with SEO will save you time and money and get you a direct channel of communication with your target group.

The positive things are that you get positive or negative feedback from the target audience in a very short time. With the powerful tools (primarily analytics and SEO) provided by the internet, you can clearly see what your target audience in Houston wants or does not want. Thus, you tailor your offer to meet demand and you can easily explore the market. Attractive appearance, offer and memorable visual identity make you a brand. In addition to promoting and selling products or services to your audience in Houston, show them why and how you do it. This gives you a loyal audience that will buy the products for you and the way you do it. You will become a recognizable brand!

Tradition vs Digital and SEO in Houston

As in every sphere of life, new trends are coming with the advancement of technology. Today everything is available in just a few clicks. People have become accelerated and aim to get everything done as quickly and easily as possible. Rapid internet development has moved people online. Which means they won’t look for you, you have to find them and use SEO to let them find you! Pay attention around you when in transit, in a public place in Houston or among people. 70% of people are browsing on their phone, surfing on the internet, staying on social networks. Instead of billboards and TV commercials, they watch the display of a phone, laptop, PC or tablet.

The benefits of digital marketing and SEO in Houston are numerous. First, people spend between 3 and 5 hours online today looking for what they are interested in. Second, internet marketing and SEO are cheaper than traditional. Third, the results of marketing activities and SEO are more measurable, the targeting of the target group is more accurate, the sales results are higher! Traditional marketing is generally reserved for brands that have large budgets and is difficult to afford for SMEs. With the help of digital marketing and SEO in Houston you grow faster, you get more traffic and become more recognizable for a lot less money for promotional activities!

A chance for development

With a good marketing strategy, a clearly defined audience, and a well-defined communication channel, you can move forward quickly. There is life going on, on social networks. Digital marketing and SEO in Houston help the brand interact with the target group on social networks. A direct channel of communication with the target group is created on social networks. An essential element of internet marketing is the price. Internet marketing – SEO is much more affordable and measurable than traditional marketing. A smaller budget gives real results and you can see exactly how that money was distributed and what results it provided.

Why SEO and What It Means: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Website Optimization for Search Engines in Houston

I can tell you that there is a big fight to these top 5 results and the fighters are SEO agencies and SEO consultant in Houston.

You may have noticed that a large number of Austin SEO consultants have emerged. Here is to show you why we are experts and how this Digital Agency can help you find yourself at the very entrance at the very beginning, where there are more visitors.

SEO optimization, what is it?

SEO Website optimization, popularly called simply SEO, involves a set of strategic actions, both on your site (onsite) and outside your website (offsite or more popularly called link building). Unlike SEM, SEO does not imply paid advertising, i.e. refers to getting good positions on search engines (primarily Google) naturally. Accordingly, SEO is a far better investment in the future of your site than SEM, since the positions you earn remain permanent, while SEM clicks only last for as long as your budget lasts.

As you can see SEO website optimization is a need for everyone who wants to:

Recognizable brand in Houston

Company growth through increasing business volume in Houston

New leads / customers on a daily basis in Dallas and Austin

Top search engine positions (ours is primarily Google)

Visits to the website that are relevant

In a world where three companies are founded every second, presenting a new idea to a global audience in Houston is a great challenge for all consultants. It is true that the internet offers many opportunities for connection, advertising and networking, but true recognition can only be achieved through strategic planning and SEO, which needs to begin even before the new business is launched.

As one of the key success factors in modern business, having an online presence is a must for businesses of all sizes, and a well-optimized Austin SEO website is the basis for expanding authority. However, it is increasingly difficult to break into the front page of Google search with the help of Austin SEO, which is the primary way of informing consumers today.

In this regard, one of the earlier studies states that as many as 81% of consumers in the world (including Dallas and Austin) search Google before deciding to buy a particular product or service, with more than two-thirds clicking on only one of the first three results.

Given such consumer habits, it is clear why a company website must have good search engine positions and why SEO is increasingly important to those who are just beginning to build their global, virtual presence in Houston with the help of an consultant.

How can Houston SEO consultant help your business?

Note: imagine, you decided to go to the gym, get in shape. Have you returned from your first or second training session, looked in the mirror and you do not seem to be satisfied with the results? If you expect results from the first entrance in the gym, then you are sadly mistaken.

SEO is part of Digital Marketing in Houston and everywhere in the world. And it is only with the whole advent of Digital Marketing that you get complete results.

For niche or specific markets (Austin, Dallas) it is possible to produce real results in organic search through SEO, but it takes a lot of effort and combined activities with the help of a consultant. Good content with relevant information and well-optimized pages for the selected keywords can bring you results. Sometimes this result is possible to be achieved after 2-3 months of activity, and sometimes it takes up to several months to achieve everything organically.

As you know SEO changes from year to year in Houston. The last couple of years faster than ever. Google wants to retain its position as the world’s best search engine, which it really is.

To stay that way, they have included in their algorithms in addition to the 200 items that affect the ranking so far, some more that will be decisively affected in the years to come.

Google is finding bad sites faster than ever so you have to be SEO friendly. These are sites that do not have up-to-date content, have copied content, and provide a lot of unnatural backlinks to their content. In this way, they try to deceive Google and gain better positions.

What does Google want?

In one word, Google wants quality first page sites. Sites that have quality content, that don’t have a lot of bugs on their site, that provide a nice user experience that is reflected by fast loading and optimization for smartphones and tablets. Lots of interesting content that provides many answers to the various problems that plague today’s site visitors.

What are the new trends in Houston SEO compared to last year?

What is new in SEO and what will definitely be one of the top 3 factors for ranking sites is user experience. Google is increasingly paying attention to how users respond to search results and behavior on the site itself.

How user experience is measured in Houston and Austin by a consultant

Google does everything for a better user experience. It notices that visitors to some sites (which are in the first 3 positions), click less compared to those that are from 3 to 10 positions. This will be the basis for a new item in the algorithm.

How to improve it

Basically, it’s very simple. Users who search the internet type certain terms, questions, etc. into Google search engine to get some answers or solve some of their problems, or just have fun. It is you who needs to answer these questions with the help of SEO.

Google search results are our sites and blogs. That is why every text you write must be focused as a possible answer to a question and be SEO friendly.

For example, someone is typing on Google, what is SEO? you want to position yourself for that word on Google. The first thing you need to do is research what other sites have already written about this topic. You should then write a better text.

The title of the page or title tag that appears in the search results must indicate that you will give the right answer. The headline may be: What is SEO is and Why You Need It in Houston and Dallas. The other thing is the meta description or page description, that’s the part below the title on the search results. It should also have something interesting that will entice the visitor to click on your site.

If you did this well, chances are that your CTR will be over 10% which is satisfactory.

How to balance on-site and off-site SEO in Austin?

What is often overlooked by site owners In Dallas is the fact that the SEO optimization of site elements is nowhere near the end of SEO. Namely, good positions must not only be achieved but also maintained, which requires constant work and improvement, mainly through content strategy and SEO.

Namely, besides writing content for the pages of a site that contains keywords, adding meta tags and describing regular updates to your blog, SEO friendly content is one way that Google will love you more. However, besides writing SEO posts regularly, it helps you get good positions faster, it has a huge impact on appearing on social media and getting links from other sites, the latter being one of the most important factors for good positions.

For this reason, it is important to combine technical SEO with various strategies for creating and distributing different forms of content, in order for your site to rank well on all relevant internet channels and be SEO optimized.

Why Does My Website Need SEO Optimization provided by a consultant in Austin?

Most web traffic comes from major commercial search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engines are the primary search method for most Internet users. Search engines are unique in that they offer targeted traffic.

Search queries, the words used by users in the search have extraordinary value. Experience in Houston and Austin has shown that search engines can make a big success for a company. Targeted website visitors can deliver publicity, revenue and exposure like no other marketing channel. Investing in SEO in Dallas, whether through time or finances, can have a huge rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotions.

Why can’t search engines understand my website without SEO optimization?

Search engines are smart, but they still need help from a consultant. They are always working to improve their web technology to deliver better results to users. However, there is a limit to how search engines work. While the right Dallas SEO can get thousands of visitors, bad moves can hide your pages deep in search results with minimal visibility.

The Internet is becoming more competitive, and those companies in Houston that have done SEO optimization will have a decisive advantage.

Website Optimization Services in Houston and Dallas:

Basic site optimization and search engine signup is free of charge for every site you make.

Advanced search engine optimization is done in agreement with the consultant and the price is determined for each site separately.

Keeping your site optimized, the service is billed monthly. It involves regular monitoring of the site by default keywords.

How does a digital marketing and SEO agency work in Houston?

Digital marketing and SEO agencies in Houston come in all shapes and sizes, from small marketing agencies with only a few employees to large global SEO agencies with large numbers of employees, but no matter how small or large, the internal structure has similarities. Each digital marketing agency in Houston has several key departments with unique skill sets that work together for the benefit of their clients. Agencies’ roles and abilities are constantly evolving, but let’s look at some of the most common ones.

Agency leaders in Houston and Dallas have the knowledge and experience in managing a business and its strategy, concept and business development.

Account management is the manager of the relationship between the client and the internal agency teams. They think about how to build a business, oversee a strategy, initiate projects, and ensure that messages and creativity are integrated into marketing touch points. They think through the user experience and facilitate integrated messaging across touchpoints, whether it be mobile, social media, contact marketing or email.

The creative team in Houston includes several roles, creative directors, a consultant, copywriters, SEO experts, digital marketing professionals, art and graphic designers. Together, the creative SEO team develops a creative idea that aligns with the brand and creative strategy.

Web developers in Dallas create SEO websites and applications. They estimate how much traffic the SEO site can support, how quickly the data is processed. Houston developers monitor the site to make sure it is functional, test and update it as needed.

The analytics team (consultant) in Houston analyzes the SEO data to discover insights that speak to the brand and its customers, they measure the impact of campaigns on the market by figuring out what works and what you need to fix.

Depending on the needs of the Houston agency and its various clients, there are media planners, social community managers, SEO managers, client relationship managers and more.

What is most important is to choose an SEO agency in Houston that has the skills and experience in the specific areas you most need.

The most important process in the client – SEO agency relationship in Austin is the strategic and creative process. The client writes a short assignment, also called a project or business brief. This includes information such as business SEO goal, target audience.

The digital marketing agency in Dallas then translates the task of the client’s project into what is called a creative strategy, which the agency’s creative SEO team in Houston uses to develop the campaign. The strategic and creative process has not changed much over the years, despite SEO marketing changing as a result of the digital revolution. Many of the process challenges today are the same as they were many years ago.

The first step is discovery. The Houston SEO consultant and agency listens to and gathers information about what marketing or communication issues you need to address. They review the task of your project and research, ask questions.

The second step is planning. The digital agency creates target audience profiles to bring them to life and understand how and where to engage them. They are developing a comprehensive Houston SEO consultant plan to reach your goals, which can include creative short messages and touch points. It defines the user experience, which is how people move through all points of digital touch.

The third step is development. When both sides agree on a plan, development begins. This includes, for example, buying any paid media or creating ads, which may include a website, online ads, email marketing, social media ads, videos, and more.

The fourth step is measurement. Now you’re going to measure how your SEO campaign is doing in the marketplace, review analytics against your SEO goals, and ask questions such as – are we reaching the right people? Are the SEO messages successful? Do we generate leads and sales? What works well and what doesn’t?

The fifth step is SEO optimization. You analyze what is good and what needs to be fixed.

Choosing a Houston SEO Agency that properly develops a SEO digital presence is very important and it is up to you to follow these instructions.

How much are you willing to invest in your website?

Basic SEO optimization in Houston is most often factored into the cost to create a website, as it involves quality creation that means at least 50% of the success of search engine pages.

If you want an exceptional SEO position, there are several factors to consider:

How much Dallas SEO competition for your business is present on the Internet and in Austin – if the competition is ranked higher the investment should be higher

How much traffic / revenue you expect from the website

How much you are willing to set aside for web marketing and SEO in Houston, and are you ready to do whatever it takes, most relevant to your activity on the website (filling and updating it with SEO content) and activity on social networks, SEO blogs, or other sites.

We gave you a simple overview of mostly all the factors that affect SEO, and what to consider when trying to understand and use SEO optimization.

In short, the most important for on-site SEO are the quality of the SEO content on the page that is directly related to the keywords or terms that people search. Title tags that are consistent with those terms and SEO words provided by a consultant, as well as the content, but also the page architecture that search engines can easily search and navigate through it. For off-site SEO, or optimization outside your site, the most important is the credibility of the links and sharing that make your site a credible site, but these links must also be from well-known and credible SEO sites or portals. Another important thing is the location of your visitors, (Houston, Dallas or Austin) as well as regular visits by users, or how well the web is accepted by relevant users.

If we want the website to be successful on Google search engine for specific searches, then it will be necessary to invest in SEO optimization or digital marketing.

SEO optimization is an integral part of online or digital marketing and success will be slowed down or even impossible if you don’t invest in it. Without SEO optimization you will find it difficult and / or expensive to drive traffic to your web site, which actually means fewer queries for your services or products.

Although the SEO market is still underdeveloped in some countries maybe in Dallas too, it is already a well-known service in the world. We can look at this as a disadvantage, but also as an advantage, because most competitors have not yet realized the importance of SEO optimization, so you have the opportunity to easily take a position on the first page of results. Home advantage can give you a long stay in the first place.

What are the Best Qualities that a Good SEO, Digital Marketing Agency in Austin has?

Choosing the right internet marketing Houston SEO Agency and consultant is a key factor for the success of your business. Without an online presence and a well thought out strategy and company, you cannot hope for success. So be careful. You need to do the analysis and make the right choice. We will bring to your attention our attention to detail that you must not overlook.

1) The biggest online Houston marketing company does not mean the best company

When choosing a Digital marketing SEO company in Austin, it is important to reach out to people or a consultant with experience. Large companies are working on a large number of projects. This means that digital marketing for you can be done by one of the beginners’ consultant. The best and most experienced people can very easily be busy with other projects.

That is why the work should be entrusted to smaller marketing agencies. They can be fully dedicated to you and your needs.

2) An online advertising company in Dallas is not something to save money on

If you want an online advertising company to do your marketing and Dallas SEO, you need to be prepared to spend money for that service. Campaigning for Google and social networks is a complex thing. Changes are always possible. Therefore, it should be invested in post-optimization and in-depth analysis. This will ensure that your site remains at the top of Google search and will be noticed on social networks.

3) Looking for a web marketing company or consultant in Dallas or Austin that specializes in your business

Access to an online marketing agency’s strategy in Dallas depends on the product being advertised. So, it is not wise to work with an SEO agency or digital marketing company in Austin that is active in all fields. This means that they are not specialized in any area. Which further indicates that they cannot give you the maximum.

If you want the best results you should work with a Houston SEO Company that has experience in your niche. In the case of clothing sales, find a Houston SEO Agency, company or a consultant that has already operated similar web stores. If you are dealing with drug distribution, you need someone who has worked in pharmacy.

4) The position of a digital Houston marketing agency on Google search doesn’t have to mean anything

Many web advertising companies in Austin are likely to tell you that their place in Google search is evidence of quality. This might not be the case.

5) Inquire about the experiences of previous clients of Internet advertising company in Austin

If an online marketing agency or Houston SEO Company seems interesting to you, try to inquire about its clients. A recommendation is the best guarantee. Visit their website and Facebook page. Consider making your presentation similar.

6) Ask for an online marketing company in Dallas to present their work process to you

If your digital advertising company first shows you what your site will look like… run. Graphic design is an essential element of web advertising, but it is not more important than the strategy itself. If someone wants to get your attention in Dallas with colors and pictures, then don’t do your job quality.

A serious digital marketing company will first try to get to know you and come up with a strategy. Good communication is critical to success.

7)  Meet the people in Austin of the marketing SEO agency or company who will work on your project

A Houston SEO Company needs to understand your needs. For everything to go smoothly, one needs to meet the experts who will work for you. They will better understand your requirements. On the other hand, you will be assured that you are getting what you want. Based on their approach and behavior, you will be able to decide if you have made the right choice.

Don’t make quick decisions about choosing an internet marketing agency in Dallas or Austin

Finally, we come to a simple conclusion. You need to be thorough when choosing an internet marketing agency in Dallas or Austin. Take all the parameters into consideration and think carefully. Consult with others in Dallas who have more experience than you. Do not rush to make a decision.

If you need any help with internet marketing services, please feel free to contact us.

If you have no experience with SEO, delegate the work to a digital marketing agency in Austin that knows what it is doing. We are at your disposal.