Success Cases

From our tons of success stories, With concent, we are sharing few from two highly competitive industries education and car dealerships. Just keep in mind we are leaders in SEO industry serving clients since 15 years – Nothing is overnight hence 3 months minimum contract at this peanut cost is required, otherwise, we are not right fit for each other.

Our major purpose is to run this business at very low affordability cost for clients and digital houses hence support is available via email only address your concerns to after initial preliminary clients onboarding you providing courtesy SEO audit.

SEO Success Case Study 1 Over 2100+ Keywords Ranking in 2 years – 278% Education SEO ROI – All High-LEVEL Competition Keywords Dominating undergoing SEO for Education niche growing them from 1-3 branches and 2M USD business.

SEO Success Case Study 2 – Over 3100+ Keywords Ranking in 3 years – 900% Automotive SEO ROI  – SEO for Automotives (Company got acquired by the big corporate giant making owner great money)

Choose from any of two small business package

  • $799 (50 hours of dedication time per month) if you are a small business with 1-5 employees and local footprint having a one-pager website
  • $1500 package with (100 hours of dedication time a month) if you are small-mid size business with 1-3 locations and website over 3-10 pages – multiple product lines with aggressive and fast growth!
  • $3000 is our third-tier package (200 hours of dedication time per month) if you are a mid-size business with over 1-5 locations and 10+ product lines.